ZhiftCD 3.1 Alpha 5 Download

Changes since 3.1 Alpha 4:


Changes since 3.1 Alpha 3:

Changes since  3.0 Beta 3 :


ZDS Tools

Below is some ZDS Tools.
Put them in the same location as the ZhiftCD executable.

If you want to use a tool outside of ZhiftCD, you must provide a filedir parameter :
ZDS???.exe -dir "yourfiledir"

Statistics Tool  Download

Small program that gathers info on your filesets.

Export / Catalog Tool Download

This program produces lists of contents of your filesets. You can write out text/HTML files.
For example, make a complete list over all mp3's in a fileset. Ordered by alphabet and categorized by CD's.

Compare Tool Download

Compare a folder on the harddrive against the contents of a fileset. The result is a tree consisting of files that are either different or the same.